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‘6 consecutive losses → 2 consecutive wins’ A drama in the beginning of the 9th inning without giving up by a backup member, “Winning habits make changes”

Change happens in small places.

The will to get out of the status quo creates change. The driving force behind change in baseball is indomitable fighting spirit.

The Samsung Lions turned the impossible into possible with fighting spirit for two days in a row.

On the 4th, Samsung won 4-3 in a practice match against Yomiuri, a professional baseball team held at Cellular Stadium in Naha, Okinawa.

A game in which Samsung Buchanan and Yomiuri Sugano faced each other as the starting aces. The other line was also almost the best member. Samsung led 2-0, but a home run and an error in the second half of the game led to a 2-2 tie. A game that goes beyond the flow.

However, the will of the team to catch the big fish called Yomiuri was strong.

In the top of the ninth, Kim Heon-gon and Gong Min-kyu’s consecutive walks and Lee Hae-seung’s hit resulted in another chance with a full base, and Kim Jae-sang and Lee Byung-hun’s center fielder’s sacrifice fly made it 4-2.

Samsung allowed a timely hit in the bottom of the ninth and was chased by one point. However, in the ensuing crisis of a tie at 1st and 3rd base, left fielder Kim Heon-gon made a double out with a distant catch and a throw to 2nd base, keeping the victory by 1 point. It was a victory created by tenacity to win.

Even though it was a practice game, it was a game that was worth the sweat shed throughout the winter. It became a turning point.

The very next day, on the 5th, a practice match against KIA was held at the Kin Town Baseball Stadium in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

In the aftermath of the all-out war the day before, many of the main players were left out, but Samsung showed their fighting spirit once again.

In a game that was trailing 0-2, they scored 3 points in the 5th inning and took the lead to 3-2, but lost 4 runs in the 7th inning when the score was tied 3-3.

A game that I thought would be hard to win.

But once again, the drama started in the beginning of the 9th episode. Batting first, he scored 8 runs and overturned the 3-7 game 11-7 to win. I made a drama by targeting KIA Pil Seung-jo and Jeon Sang-hyun.

Starting with Kim Jae-sang’s sweeping double at the 1st and 2nd bases, Kim Heon-gon’s timely hit and Kim Dong-yeop’s sacrifice fly continued, returning the game to the starting point. Yoo Sang-cheol went up to put out the fire, but it was already too late. After rising water, Lee Jae-hyeon’s walk with Lee Jae-hyeon in the ensuing two outs loaded, and Lee Hae-seung’s sweeping triple in the middle of the month, putting a wedge in the game. The moment when the constant flow of fighting at the Samsung bench becomes a reality. It was a proud day when I was able to check the ability of the backups who had been strengthened through hell training. 메이저사이트

Oh Seung-hwan, the oldest player, said this in an interview held in Okinawa on the 1st, when he was on a losing streak.

“All the players are working hard. It seems like it’s been about a month since the camp started, but everyone is going to have a really hard time right now. Their bodies are going to be very heavy. We don’t even have a win right now, so I hope the players don’t dwell on that a bit. , You shouldn’t get used to losing just one. Our team has a lot of young players, so if you have fun playing winning games, the team atmosphere can change.”

A special request from the guardian deity who guarded the famous family who used to win the championship. Juniors began to gather their fighting spirit toward change. One by one, the will is gathered to become a strong team. Samsung’s transformation has already begun.


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