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4 days of preliminaries finished, boys, middle and high school finals confirmed

All the boys, middle and high school finalists were covered.

From the 4th, the 48th Association Long National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship has been held in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do. On the 7th, the 4th day of the competition, the men’s preliminaries were all completed with the Songdo High School-Gwangju High School match. Immediately after the group stage schedule was over, the draw ceremony for the South Central and South High School finals was held.

The South Gobu final tournament will be held in the round of 16. Jeonju High School, the winner of the Spring League Match, faces Gimhae Gayago, who finished first in Group G, while defending champion Yongsan High School faces off against Naksaeng High School, which finished second in Group A.

In the opposite bracket, Muryong High School, who finished second in Group C, competed against Samil High School for advancement to the quarterfinals. 메이저놀이터

The South High School finals will open at the Sportium National Sports Center on the afternoon of the 9th after a day’s rest.

On the other hand, the south-central final game is scheduled to be tipped off at the Beopseong High School gym on the morning of the 8th. In the case of South Central Division, which will be held in the round of 14, last year’s champions Hwabong Middle School and Munhwa Middle School enjoyed the good fortune of advancing directly to the quarterfinals. Sam Il-jung, who is challenging for two gold medals, meets Dae-jeon Middle School, and Song Do-jung, who is on an undefeated march, has a bout with the tough enemy Hogye-jung.

In addition, the confrontation between Jeonju Nam Middle School – Bae Jae Middle School, Seongseong Middle School – An Nam Middle School, Pyeongwon Middle School – Hwimoon Middle School, and Samil Middle School – Lim Ho Middle School was completed.


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