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30 this year, the first Taegeuk mark in baseball life, ‘excitement → emotion’… “I told my parents first”

“Being a national representative is my lifelong dream and goal. I want to join 안전놀이터 the glorious stage of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) next year.”

It was the earnest intention of Lotte Giants Kim Won-joong (30) whom we met at the finish camp last October.

A dream come true. Kim Won-joong was listed as one of 15 pitchers in the final 30-man roster of the WBC Korean national team announced on the 4th.

Kim Won-joong, who was contacted that day, said, “I happened to go. In fact, when I was informed in advance, it was not confirmed, so I wasn’t very impressed, but I was really happy to see the announcement today. To be able to represent the country, I feel excited and happy.” .

“I was selected along with Park Se-woong (28), and coach Bae Young-soo goes with me.

Who was the first to announce the news about the national team? Kim Won-joong replied with a shy smile, “I told my parents first. They really like it.” They are parents who are well aware of their son’s desire for the Taegeuk mark more than anyone else.

Along with Ko Woo-seok (LG Twins), who was selected together, it seems to have been recognized as a finish representing the KBO League. In the first half of last year, injuries overlapped and he once gave up a finishing position. However, in the second half, he blocked the back door with 20 games, 1 loss, 13 saves, an average ERA of 2.70, and a hit ratio of 2.18.

It is the first Taegeuk mark since the start of baseball. As a pitcher during his school days, his performance was not bad, but his youth national team was frustrated because of his poor physical condition. Because of this, he has said as a habit, “I want to go to the national team at any time.”

“My heart is full of joy and I am honored. I will prepare well and show a good image so that I do not become a victim of the honor of being named Taegeuk mark.”