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164km fast ball + 147km breaking ball… Ohtani, full power pitching with spirit

Ohtani Shohei is giving his all for the Japanese national team. 

On the 16th, Ohtani started in the match against Italy in the quarter-finals of the ‘2023 World Baseball Classic’ final tournament held at Tokyo Dome, Japan, and is throwing 164 km in the second inning. 

On this day, Ohtani threw all his might with a spirited spirit. 160km was recorded from the first episode. In the first inning, lead batter Salvatore Frerick struck out and Nikki Lopez grounded to third baseman. Dominic Fletcher allowed a missed heavy hit, but Brett Sullivan finished the first inning with a grounder to second baseman. 스포츠토토

In the second inning, he struck out leadoff batter Vinny Pasquantino. 2 consecutive fouls occurred on 1 ball and 2 strikes, and the 6th pitch 102 mile, 164 km fastball was inserted with spirit. Afterwards, Miles Mastroboni threw a ground ball to first baseman and struck out a swinging miss with a 147km sweeper against Vito Fricia. 


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