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‘130 billion bonus’ Mbappe vs. ‘No way for a traitor’ PSG to fight it out in court

Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) may end up in court.

France’s ‘Sport Zone’ reported on Wednesday (July 22) that “If PSG succeed in selling Mbappe this summer, but still have to pay the loyalty bonus, PSG has other means to pressure him not to pay the full amount agreed. PSG will justify not paying the remaining amount of last year’s signing bonus and loyalty bonus. A legal battle between the two camps is very likely.”

The loyalty bonus the media is referring to is simply a down payment. When PSG signed Mbappe to a new contract ahead of last season, they offered him a number of conditions, one of which was a loyalty bonus. Mbappe was offered a huge bonus if he fulfills his contract.

The amount of the bonus PSG is offering Mbappe is reportedly in the neighborhood of a superstar’s transfer fee. According to current reports, the bonus is worth a whopping €90 million ($129 million). This is the amount PSG will pay Mbappe if he remains a PSG player for the 2023-24 season. However, it appears that PSG is not looking to pay a bonus.

Mbappe could take PSG to court if he thinks he’s owed a loyalty bonus, as it’s a matter of contractual agreement between the club and the player. PSG would also need a legal review to prove that their position is legally sound. With the two sides currently at loggerheads, it’s not unlikely that the case will go to court.

The situation between PSG and Mbappe has taken a turn for the worst. PSG believes Mbappe has betrayed the club. In mid-June, Mbappe was in talks with PSG about extending his contract when he abruptly informed the club that he would not be signing a new deal.

PSG believes that the reason for Mbappe’s sudden change of heart is Real Madrid. Real have consistently targeted Mbappe over the past few years, and the player has repeatedly been swayed by their lure. Still, Real have maintained their interest in Mbappe.

It would be a huge loss for PSG if Mbappe stayed until the 2023-24 season, collected his loyalty bonus, and then left for Real without a transfer fee.

According to Fabrizio Romano, a European transfer market expert who works for the UK’s The Guardian, “Despite Mbappe saying in an interview that he would not leave on a free transfer, PSG feel betrayed because they believe he has an agreement with Real to leave on a free transfer. “We don’t want the team to be paralyzed by one player,” explained PSG’s position.

After Mbappe refused to re-sign, PSG gave the player a deadline to either re-sign or move on. The deadline was just before PSG left for their pre-season tour. When Mbappe didn’t re-sign and didn’t change his mind about staying at the club until just before the team left for Japan, PSG dropped him from the roster for their pre-season tour to Japan and South Korea. They announced to the world that Mbappe was not in their plans for next season.

PSG actually traveled to Japan without Mbappe. PSG is pressuring Mbappe to make a decision quickly, whether to re-sign or move on.

While PSG has taken a very hard line, Mbappe seems to be relaxed. “Mbappe is prepared to sit out the entire season until he leaves PSG on a free transfer next summer, even though the club has put him up for sale,” Sky Sports reported on Nov. 22. He is prepared to sit on the bench and not play for PSG until his contract expires. Even if Euro 2024 is next summer, it won’t change his mind.” 스포츠토토

If Mbappe is literally in a holding pattern, there’s nothing PSG can do. Even if the clubs come to an agreement, if the player refuses to move, they can’t sell him.

“There is nothing PSG can do,” said Sky Sports. Despite their hardline stance, PSG will ultimately have to pay Mbappe’s salary and bonuses until he leaves as a free agent next summer.”

Despite knowing that Mbappe is not budging, PSG is busy trying to sell him. Several clubs have heard the news of Mbappe’s sale and are preparing offers.

French journalist Fabrice Hawkins of RMC Sport, who is well versed in PSG news, said, “Chelsea are interested in Mbappe. Al Ahly are preparing an astronomical offer. Several clubs are already trying to sign Mbappe this summer or have taken action.”

One of the clubs that has taken action is Al Hilal. “Al Hilal want to offer Mbappe €400 million (N57.34 billion) over two years,” Hawkins reported. If Mbappe does not respond positively to a contract extension by July 31, PSG is ready to accept Al Hilal’s offer. “But we cannot force Mbappe to sell. The final decision is up to him.”


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